Daniel Griffin

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Daniel Griffin is a second generation potter living in the artists hamlet of Wolvengat, Overberg region.

From a childhood spent having had much fun with clay, Daniel soon developed a great passion and talent for ceramics where he started his career at age fifteen with a range of slipware. He then spent three years living in a monastary before returning to his studio. He underwent a two year apprenticeship in the traditional Japanese discipline and built a 3m³ wood-firing kiln. Daniel then spent the next five years intentionally mastering his throwing skills on a range of terracotta garden planters up to 1 metre high.

Daniel now has a business called Fire Pot producing flameproof ceramics. It’s speciality is the fireplace, along with braai’s, braziers and tajines. His personal work is ever changing, at present he is working in an exciting range of high fired porcelain. Daniel processes all of his own clay and flame fires his work.

Daniel’s passions are high-fired stoneware, porcelain, throwing large joined pots, wood-firing, and the purist approach to self-sustainable pottery. With all of these and more ever new and exciting branches of work, Daniel’s career in ceramics is destined to be one of mastering its many facets, creating both practical and beautiful pieces from a very intimate knowledge of it’s elements earth and fire.