Usage Guidelines

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Instruction Manual

Safety Aspects

The Placing of your fireplace is important, for safety it should not be closer than 1 metre from any combustible material.
The fireplace should not be placed on any carpeted floors. In the event of any floor being carpeted it is essential to build a plinth at least 200 mm high, stretching at least 500 mm wide.
A fire extinguisher should be purchased for safety reasons as your fireplace, just like any other is a potential fire hazard.
Do not use any liquid petroleum products to start your fire.
Make sure you adhere to the building safety by-laws and codes when installing your fireplace.
Firepot is not liable for any damages or fire incurred due to the installation or use of Firepot ceramic fireplaces.

Making your first fire
First and foremost, fill the bottom of the Firepot to just beneath the mouth with builders, beach or silica sand. It is critical that the sand is dry !
Place two logs of any type of wood vertical to the opening about 15 cm apart in the middle of the fireplace. Then place a firelighter in the centre of that. Place another three logs on top of those and light the fire.
It is advisable that you do not use newspaper to light your fire as the burnt carbon can get drawn up and block the chimney pipe.
It is also advisable to build up your fire slowly, giving the sand in the pot and the pot itself a chance to heat up and reach even temperature before adding too many logs.

Care and Cleaning

Your fireplace will need cleaning on average every 30 fires, depending on various factors including what type of wood is used.
When the ash level begins to build up, simply use a dustpan and brush and remove the ash back down to the sand layer again. Do not allow the ash to build up to the point at which a thick crust develops. If this starts to appear, simply break it up and remove it.
If ash or dust collects on the outside of your pot simply dust it off with a duster. Never use water or chemical or combustible products to clean the Firepot. The pipe, however, can be wiped down with a damp cloth but again, no detergent of any kind should be used.