Why Ceramic

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In today's modern world it is always a pleasure to find a functional item one needs in ones home, which has not been churned out by the masses, yet has required skill to handcraft and thus stands as an individual art piece – this is the Firepot, bringing you combined skill and beauty with superior functionality, a lifetime of warmth and ambiance.

Unlike your average metal fireplace, the Firepot has the advantage of the thermal properties of the clay body. This gives it the capacity to retain a great deal of heat from the fire and radiate it out into the room long after the fire has died out, continually heating your home. You will find that there will still be red hot coals in your fire pot in the morning after an evening of burning.

The Firepot is free standing and thus has the ability to radiate heat from all directions, above and below.

The ceramic fireplace has proven much more economical to use. During an evening it will use an approximate 10 pieces of wood in a phenomenal 5 hours of flames! This is due to the specially formulated air intake ratio, the clay body and the environment that is thus created in the Firepot.

The Firepot stands as a fully functional art piece, combining the skill of hand thrown pottery with all the technicalities of a good fireplace, each one coming out completely unique.